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"The key to your future health lies in the diet of the past"

What is Frankston Paleo Health & Fitness?

Frankston Paleo Health & Fitness is a business whose sole purpose is to help you to you to achieve optimum levels of health and fitness in a manner that is simple and places less stress on your time that you may ever have imagined.

In Australia we are confronting a health crisis with the number of people who are overweight and obese or suffering from chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease continuing to increase.

Frankston Paleo Health & Fitness has been established as part of one mans attempts to try and reverse these alarming trends and return us to the levels of health and longevity that should be our birthright.  Who is this man?  Bill Allars, a qualified Personal Trainer with more than thirty years of nutrition and training experience behind him.

What makes Frankston Paleo Health & Fitness different?

Frankston Paleo Health & Fitness utilizes nutritional and exercise concepts that are simple in nature and have stood the test of time.  Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease were not the problems for our ancestors that they are today.  If you go back to the Paleolithic era or caveman era, you were more likely to die of an acute injury of infection that you were than you were from a disease of the modern age.  If you could avoid these traumas you could live a life every bit as long as we do today without the benefit of modern medicines.  Why?  The diet and exercise regimes followed by our ancestors were simple and incredibly effective.  To give you some insight, the sugar intake of our ancestors was insignificant when compared to the sugar intake of the average person in the twenty-first century.  There was no packaged food or fast-food restaraunts available to these people so what they did eat was natural, seasonal and freshly prepared. 

The other key difference between what you will do when you work with us compared with most others is that we do not count calories.  Following the nutritional plans that we will help you put in place, you will never need to count calories or points again.  Why?  We are more concerned with regulating sugar intake and consuming healthy, natural foods that we are with calories and mathematics.   Focusing on what, and how, you eat will free your mind from the ongoing calorie war.   Do not fear, however, we will not leave you hungry.  Following our nutritional plans will ensure you eat enough to keep your hunger at bay.

How can you be certain this works?

Using the principles described above I reduced my weight from 103 kilograms to 75 kilograms!  Once I moved the principles into overdrive, I went from 88 kilograms to 75 kilograms in 10 weeks.  Coming from a family with a long history of cardiovascular disease, these changes have been nothing but positive.  See the Before and After photographs below for proof.

What Services does Frankston Paleo Health & Fitness Provide?

Frankston Paleo Health & Fitness has been established to work with people who want to optimize their health and fitness.  To this end, we provide:

  • Nutritional assessments based on your current diet, with recommended improvements
  • Nutrition counseling and eating plan design based on eating natural, wholesome foods
  • Exercise plans that are simple to execute and require less than 30 minutes per session
  • Personal training sessions to ensure that you are exercising correctly and efficiently
  • Postural assessments to determine if muscle imbalances are impacting on your training
  • Ongoing support for clients to achieve their goals
  • Public speaking on topics to do with health, nutrition and exercise

Let us work with you to establish goals and plans that provide you with the health, fitness, energy and lifestyle that you deserve.

Special Offer - 30 Day Challenge

Thirty-days is all it takes to start turning your life and health around.  This special offer aims to make it as simple and easy as it can be for you to start down the path of improved health and greater fitness.  The challenge package involves a 90 minute initial consultation, four personal training sessions, a customised nutrition and training program and a free copy of my new book "Losing Weight with Me will Cost You a Fortune (In New Clothes)".  All of this for the bargain price of $350. 

To take advantage of this offer, contact me at billallars@frankstonpaleo.com.au.  I have only limited spots available so contact me now.  We are also on Facebook at Frankston Paleo and I occassionally tweet under Bill Allars.

This is me at 103 Kilograms - See Below for me Now at 75 Kilograms